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Julie Ahern

Sr. Account Executive

c: (916) 712-3900
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I can (with truth) say that with Finance of America you get what you expect. I can say with experience that the people at Finance of America work with you to make the loan happen. It starts with setup to underwriting to funding. There is open communication with each department and they all work hard to make it happen. Julie Ahern knows her business, she knows what her company can do, she responds to your questions in a timely manner. I can count on her answers. Julie has helped overcome problems and issues, when the underwriter, funder, doc drawer, etc., has said no. There are very few account reps who can do that. There are very few account reps that you can rely on what they say. Julie is the one you can count on.

Ron Yokotake, Associated Mortgage Center, Inc

I wanted to share how Happy we all have been with the service of you and your team at Finance of America. The knowledge you have as a Rep in addition to how fast you get back to us makes all the difference in us getting our job done. Without this, we would be sitting around waiting for answers and possibly missing out on opportunities. Your team has done an outstanding job to make this happen. We look forward to many more Years of Great Service with You and Your Team.

Paul McGowan, Nevada County Mortgage

As a Mortgage Banker working with your company on the correspondent side, you and your team have made every effort to help us transition smoothly into our new relationship. We have figured out quickly and with constant communication what works and what doesn't work. Every step of the way we've been able to have open dialog and easy access for scenario questions, pricing inquiries, access to underwriters, technical questions and timely communications all the way through funding and post-closing details. Your team; from the set-up people all the way up the chain of command have been very responsive and professional. Most of all we appreciate the ability to have you as a direct resources for any issues that may arise. Thank you for the great teamwork.

Shelly Mortara, Broker Associate, Nevada County Mortgage

Julie and her partner in crime Stacy are fantastic to work with. I have been working with Julie and Stacy since 2010 and I have always considered them an invaluable part of my team. Fast at responding, willing to do the research, knowledgeable about when to dig in your heels and when to let things go, Julie and Stacy make my work easier on a daily basis. In addition to being great at her job, Julie is a wonderful person who makes coming to work each and everyday fun and enjoyable. Our team at Point Equity loves Julie because she is completely thoughtful, including sending flowers to the hospital when one of our team members had a serious accident. Julie understands that there are no real substitutions for hard work and honesty; she gets the business and isn't overly pushy and annoying, she simply let's her work do the talking . . . and it does.

Justin Coupe, Owner, Point Equity Residential Lending

In a world where nothing can wait and expectations are always high, we have to work with great banks. Finance of America and our Account Executive, Julie Ahern, continually exceed these expectations and ensure our clients (the families we serve and their real estate agents) have a wonderful experience. We could not do what we do without them. To all of my colleagues in the broker world, I would highly recommend making Finance of America one of your primary banks.

Nick Cunningham, Point Equity Residential Lending

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Julie Ahern

Sr. Account Executive

c: (916) 712-3900
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I’m proud to say that I just celebrated 35 years in the mortgage industry. I began when rates were 17+%. It’s crazy to think back on all the changes I’ve experienced. I have had many roles during my tenure from processing to underwriting to management, but I have to say I delight in being an Account Executive most of all! I enjoy working with my customers to put deals together; there is a sense of accomplishment when a particularly tough deal closes and we can collectively breathe a sigh of relief, knowing we helped borrowers realize their dream of homeownership (or reduce monthly debt with a refi).

I am extremely proud to call FAM my home for the past 10 (almost) years. The support I get from our operational team is second to none! I have worked with my CSR, Stacy, for 15+ years and the two of us are here to make your experience in working with FAM as seamless as possible.

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What I’m reading

Iris and Lily for fun and The Happiness Advantage for growth. The Accidental Truth what my mother’s murder investigation taught me about life.

What I’m watching

The Magnificent Mrs. Maisel ~ It is such a smart, funny show. Can’t wait for season 2! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend (Amazon)

At Finance of America, we are dedicated to providing solutions to improve our borrowers’ financial well-being. This mission to care allows us to uniquely serve our customers and employees, with the soul and spirit of a small company, but the foundation and stability of a global financial institution.