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We’re your go-to place to find loan solutions for all types of borrowers. From first-time homebuyers to real estate investors to senior homeowners looking for reverse mortgage solutions, we have loan products for everyone.

We follow Agency guidelines, AUS findings on Conforming loans, and FHA/VA guidelines on Government loans.


It’s very simple and user-friendly, thanks to our end-to-end lending platform. Our Broker Portal automates most of your loan pipeline activities, while our Two-XM Automated Marketing Platform lets you communicate easily and quickly with your clients so you stay top of mind.

We offer lender comp and borrower comp pricing options in our pricing engine (OB).

We publish daily rate sheets and prefer our brokers use OB for their pricing needs, which is up to date and takes any market changes into consideration.

We aim to keep most loan service activities in-house. However, there may be some loans we decide to sell after closing.

Absolutely! Our loan status notification emails keep you informed of every step of the loan process. So, you can sit back, relax, and look out for these notifications without worrying about tasks falling through the cracks.

We currently offer conventional, HomeReady, Home Possible, FHA, FHA Streamline, VA, VA IRRRL, and USDA loans.

NDCs will use the FAM Scenario Desk to submit a question and receive an emailed response in return. Make sure to identify yourself as Non-Delegated when submitting your request.

FAM generally follows GSE guidelines and overlays, however, there might be a few overlays that exist. You can review our conventional and government overlay documents at the following links:

Agency Overlay Matrix 

FHA Plus Overlay Matrix

VA Plus Overlay Matrix

USDA Overlay Matrix

Eligibility review is limited in scope to specific credit and collateral topics. Closing compliance is the NDC’s responsibility to meet regulatory compliance and investor product eligibility standards. FAM performs a compliance review when the loan is delivered for purchase.

NDC sellers are responsible for obtaining all third-party services documentation. FAM does not request or obtain documents from third parties.

We recommend that you use the FNMA long and short forms as instructed by your AUS findings. However, FAM will accept other versions, provided they meet all other agency requirements.

No. Price the scenario through our Optimal Blue integration and review LLPA adjusters. The adjusters can also be found on our wholesale rate sheet.

Each day, FAM publishes current internal turn times. We also communicate turn times for conventional, government, and non-agency loans. Find those posted on famtpo.com/turn-times.

Your Account Manager and Account Executive will work internally to ensure time-sensitive issues are addressed to the best of our ability.

No; this step is not part of the current Eligibility Review process.

FNMA Collateral Underwriter is an important part of our appraisal analysis, and it’s imperative that Eligibility Review packages have valid UCDP SSR with CU scores. It’s also critical that the appraisal is shared with FAM by adding FAM as an aggregator in UCDP. For VA appraisals, please ensure FAM VA lender ID 605020 has been entered into LGY at time of order.

No. The seller is responsible for the generation, execution, and compliance of all loan disclosures and closing documents.

If the loan terms change or the final approval must be updated, you’ll need to submit a change request form, along with revised AUS, 1003, 1008, and notify the Account Manager or the Account Executive.

FAM will not run a refreshed credit report prior to closing. FAM recommends that all lenders should perform a credit refresh (soft pull) prior to closing.


FAM’s experts in our non-delegated purchasing department will review the closing documents to confirm the closed loan aligns with the Eligibility Review.

All sellers must be MERS members and able to register and transfer loans through MERS. All loans must be registered with MERS at time of delivery to FAM. In addition, MERS transference of beneficial rights and transfer of servicing rights must be initiated by the seller within 24 hours of purchase.

The Mortgagee on all insurance documents should remain in the name of the seller. Once FAM assigns the loan to a new investor or servicer, we’ll request a change from the seller to the new servicer.

FAM will confirm no new debts were obtained once the loan is delivered for purchase.

Review FAM’s Non-Delegated Correspondent Lock Policy for guidance on how post-delivery roll fees will be assessed.

At the time of purchase review, the seller must transfer/assign successful UCD findings for both agencies on all agency loans. Here’s additional info for each agency:

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac

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