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Amber Heiss

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Mobile: (913) 669-7854

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About Amber

I live in Kansas City and have for most of my life. I have three boys and a dog named Lucy. I love the midwestern hospitality our community offers, along with the loyalty to our sports teams, the Royals and Chiefs. We have amazing BBQ as well, and I enjoy smoking my own foods as well. I went to both KSU for architecture initially, then transferred to KU for art history. I played basketball throughout high school but truly love every sport. I've been in mortgages since 2013. I love the challenge, the fact that you always need to develop and learn in our ever-changing environment. But, most of all I sincerely love helping people. I get so much joy from knowing we got someone in their dream home or helped them gain equity out of their current home for debt consolidation. Helping people is what drives me and what I am passionate about. I am only in competition with myself and love seeing a company succeed based on all working together, sharing, and collaborating daily!

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Amber's Support Team

Steven Walden

Account Manager

Office: (909) 539-6525

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Elaine Stewart

Jr. Account Manager

Office: (215) 346-7646

Mobile: (406) 546-3074

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What partners say about Amber

Amber Heiss is one of the most dedicated AEs I’ve ever worked with. In the messy business we work in stuff happens, and when it does it makes all the difference in the world to have an AE you can count on as a partner to help see things through. There have been more occasions than I’d like to admit to when I needed Amber to bail me out…one my fault/my mistake, one a difficulty due to the lender’s systems….but in both cases Amber worked tirelessly, after hours, working her internal channels to help save the day. This kind of loyalty and dedication to doing the right thing, and commitment to ‘her people’, personally, is exceedingly rare in our industry, and particularly now with the pace at which we’re all having to work. I know that Amber has my back with any deal I send her….if something gets weird or I need some support she will absolutely be there to give it and won’t let me down. I’ve followed Amber from one lender to another already, and I would do it again if necessary.

Brix Casserly

Amber is a joy to work with. She takes pride in her work and it shows through her excellent customer experience. She goes above and beyond to help move your loans along. She is a rare AE that will actually respond to your emails, calls and text messages in a timely fashion.

Kristin Cormier

I have worked in the mortgage industry for 17 years. Amber Heiss is the best mortgage account executive which I have had the pleasure of doing business. I have worked with Amber for over seven years. She is very professional, caring, understanding, appreciative, always willing to help with anything, awesome, honest, hard-working, respectful, genuine and overall just an amazing individual. I definitely consider her to be within the top 1% of her profession and it shows on an every day basis immediately once you start working with her on day 1. I will continue to send business to Amber because she is such an amazing person and truly cares about every broker and loan originator as if they are her own family. She does an incredible job on every single file which comes across her desk. Finance of America has been a great lender to work with up to this point and will continue to send a majority of my business to them. As long as they have Amber working for them, they will continue to be in great shape!

Ryan Lehew

Regional Manager

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Dave Weatherford

Regional Vice President, Central Sales, TPO

Mobile: (417) 234-7699

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Channel Leaders

Nectar's Headshot
Nectar Kalajian

Senior Vice President, Channel Leader, TPO

Office: (818) 657-2210

Mobile: (626) 705-2565

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Omar Cantillo

Senior Vice President, National Operations Manager, TPO

Mobile: (925) 478-1479

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Kim Angeles

National Underwriting Manager, TPO

Office: (858) 527-7102

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Clint Rosenthal

Director of Sales, TPO

Office: (408) 315-2721

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