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Broker authorizes Finance of America Mortgage LLC (“FAM”) to send joint electronic communications to loan applicants during the loan process to keep the borrower apprised of loan status (“Milestone E-mails”). These e-mails are intended to be transactional only and not a form of marketing. Milestone E-mails are intended to benefit all applicants by providing timely and consistent information about their loan in a convenient format. Broker authorizes and consents for FAM to send Milestone E-mails from FAM’s Customer Relationship Management system (“CRM”) using the Broker’s, and its employees’, name and likeness, including but not limited to: the Broker’s e-mail address(es), personal name, logo(s), corporate name, NMLS number and photograph. Broker authorizes Milestone E-mails to be sent automatically to all borrowers assigned to a Broker’s Loan Officer in FAM’s system as the loan progresses through the application process. Broker further represents and warrants the person executing this consent has the authority to enter into such agreements. Broker has independently reviewed and approved the Milestone E-mail templates provided by FAM. Broker is responsible for making sure any required disclosures specific to Broker, as may be applicable, are included. FAM disclaims all liability in relation to the content of the templates approved by Broker. Broker is not required to agree to Milestone Emails to do business with FAM.

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